fundraises for retrial

The mother of a Hampshire teenager killed in Greece says she is "worried sick" about the costs of attending the retrial of the man who stabbed her son...

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Out of the Blue Robert Sebbage

sebbage family statement

On Wednesday19th September the court in Patras, Greece, passed sentence on Stelios Morfis.

Stelios Morfis was found guilty of the unintentional manslaughter of Robert Sebbage and four counts of causing life threatening bodily injuries. The court passed a sentence of 6 years for the unintentional manslaughter of Robert Sebbage; 2 years for each act of inflicting life threatening bodily harm on Roberts four friends. There were also 2 years added on – 1 for carrying an offensive weapon and 1 for using it.

This results in a a sentence of 16 years of imprisonment which has been reduced to 11 years of imprisonment because the sentences will be served partially concurrently.

The following is the statement that has been released by the Sebbage family:

“This has been an exceptionally difficult and traumatic time for us. Nothing will bring Robert back but we strongly believe that the sentence passed does not reflect the horrific and senseless killing of our son.

We take solace from the fact that Stelios Morfis was found guilty of taking our son’s life and attacking four of Robert’s friends. We are also comforted that Robert’s good character and reputation was acknowledged in court and that the other boys who were attacked were accurately represented as the victims of this violent assault.

We are grateful to all those people and organisations in the UK and Greece who have helped us during this horrible time- in particular our families, friends and the people of Tadley and the surrounding communities; it is their wholehearted support that has allowed us to be here to fight for justice for Robert and his friends.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and kind wishes, and we would ask for privacy so that we can reflect and move on with our grieving, now that this difficult stage is at an end.”

Out of the Blue Robert Sebbage

comments in the media

The trial in Patras, Greece is still on going and so I hope that you understand that we are unable to make comment about what has been happening over the past two weeks.

We are back in court on Monday and are hopeful for a decision and final sentencing early next week.

There have been a couple of articles in the media that have had inaccurate information in them. One has spoken about the fact that the Out of the Blue fund had “been used up”

This is absolutely not the case. We still have funds available to fight the case.

We are using our hard earned and kindly donated money wisely and making decisions based on logic not from the heart. As a result a number of the party who flew out to Patras returned earlier in the week. This was to do with personal circumstances as much as it was to do with finances.

The fact is that the final total of how much the trial has cost is a long way off being finalised. At present there are sufficient funds to cover the expenses to date. However, the fund raising will continue to ensure that all persons vital to the court case will not be out of pocket. We will also have to wait for the final invoice from our solicitor.

The target is still £60K!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and help.

Andy Granston

Chairman of the Out of the Blue fund


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